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GC II/10

Join a Unit Today!
The Allied High Command is proud to introduce their newest tool on their site, the Recruitment Ads. Here affiliated squad commanders and brigade commanders can publish want ads when they need people. The commanders go to their unit edit page in the orbat and follow the link there to place an ad. Players looking for a unit can then browse the Recruitment Ads and find the unit they wish to get more information on or join. Contacting the Unit Commander is easy as sending an email.
News From the Front

Allied Troops Knock Back Axis Forces
Striking a new blow to the Axis Homeland, the Allied Troops continue to push eastward to liberate the areas held hostage by the axis forces. Word is traveling fast through the eastern front that the Axis morale is crumbling. Striking deep into the ...
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British Forces Advance
In a fast paced pushed, the Southern British Units push the axis back like a bully pushing around a school girl. No matter what the Axis put in their way, nothing could stop the focused efforts of the British Troops. Only days after the start of th...
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RAF Pilot Saved the Day
On patrol around Willemstad, a single recon pilot saved the day as he spotted a large enemy attack fleet forming. Just North west of Willemstad, this single recon pilot spotted a enemy fleet formed by seven freighters, nine destroyers, and many othe...
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Corps Cav Move their Line
Corps Cav has reported establishing a strong hold throughout their area of operation in recent days. Only hours after the beginning of this campaign, the Corps Cav units set their goals on pushing the line east. After days of battling it out, they ...
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Knocking on Bertrix
The French Forces have pulled the axis back and set their sites on the city of Bertrix. After days of grueling battles, the line has pushed towards this golden city as the French Forces take the fight for the Axis. City after city have fallen as th...
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Armée Française

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ArFr Home *

1re armee *

Armee de lAir *

Marine Nationale *

ArFr Printable Orbat *

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DDOP Links

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About the DDOP *

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AHC Tool Room

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AHC War Room*

Full Web Map*

City Maps*

Deep Blue*


Recon Map DB*

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Community Links

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Willy Tee Comics *

WWII Online Polls *

Mini-Cons *

English HQ *

French HQ *

German HQ *

Italian HQ *

Spanish HQ *

Nordic HQ *

Japan HQ *

Taiwan HQ *

GHC Forums *

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